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Since 2009 the Amy Gillett Foundation has delivered the a metre matters campaign to millions of Australians.


The premise of the campaign is simple: Motorists need to provide at least a metre of space when overtaking a cyclist in speed zones under 60km/h and a metre and a half in speed zones greater than 60km/h. 


A metre matters creates awareness and behavioural change and targets all motorists. Accordingly the campaign depicts cars, buses and trucks.


The aim - to reduce cyclist fatalities and near misses and remove any lack of clarity for motorists around how much space they need to give.


Find out more about a metre matters, it's history and the Amy Gillett Foundation's progress in petitioning State and Territory Governments for legislative change to implement a metre matters laws nationally:



a metre matters is an important, positive step to increasing awareness amongst motorists and bike riders alike to create a safer cycling environment in Australia.


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