Drive and Ride Rules


 CSC Register now button Eight drive and ride rules make up the It's a two-way street campaign message of 'show mutual respect' which is equally applicable to both drivers and bike riders.

The primary objective is reducing bike rider - driver collisions; a major contributor to bike rider serious injuries and fatalities. The eight driver and eight rider rules comprise a series of safety themes, primary actions and supporting messages developed to educate drivers and bike riders about their responsibilities when sharing the road together.

The eight drive and ride rules have been developed to improve the way drivers and bike riders interact  with one another.  It's a two-way street focuses on the need to share the road safely and uses creative carcatures, colour palette and language to provide positive, literal and engaging messaging to both drivers and bike riders. 

It's a two-way street a apeals to a variety of bike rider and bike types to embrace all the reasons people ride bikes - for fun, fitness, active transport or sport. The bikes all appear with a bell, brake, front and rear lights. Bike riders are wearing light coloured clothing, Australian standard helmets, and are riding close to the left hand side of the road.

Mirroring that approach, each vehicle (car, bus, truck, motorbike) includes seat belts, front lights (indicator, white light) and rear lights (indicator, red stop light). Drivers and passengers are wearing seat belts. Drivers are shown to be driving at a safe speed and leaving a metre when passing bike riders.

Caricatures include males and females, adults and children.


Planning an awareness campaign or event in your community?

Register your event by clicking the 'Register your bicycle safety campaign' button (registration fees apply). Registerd organisations have access to the It's a two-way street Z cards which can be adapted to include your organisations logo (printing at your organisations expense). 

Call the Amy Gillett Foundation for copies of the It's a two way street Z cards by contacting: or 03 8506 0675



Mutual respect billboard


Pass bike riders safely   Always stop on red
Plan your drive   Use your lights
Indicate your intentions early   Maintain your bike
Focus on the road   Indicate your intentions
Check your speed   Fuel prevents fatigue
Always look before opening   Expect the unexpected
Always give right of way   Wear a helmet
Always expect bike riders   Always carry ID


The Amy Gillett foundation acknowledges the following organisations for supporting the development of It's a two way street:

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