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Cycle Safe Communities

Cycle Safe Communities provides community groups, councils and organisations access to cycle safety campaign resources.


Developed by the Amy Gillett Foundation, Cycle Safe Communities enables consistent messaging about bike rider safety to be adopted and embedded in the Australian community. Everyone has the right to ride safely for work and play. A safer future is possible!


Register your campaign with Cycle Safe Communities to gain access to a variety of cycle safety resource and logos which can incorporate your organisations logo or that of your partners (subject to AGF approval and printed at your own expense). 


Cycle Safe Communities contains ready to use resources and merchandise from two Amy Gillett Foundation key safety campaigns; a metre matters and It’s a two-way street


a metre matters raises motorists awareness of the need to provide a metre when overtaking bicycle riders.


It’s a two-way street educates both drivers and bicycle riders that mutual respect and other important road rules and behaviours are crucial when sharing the road.




Both campaigns have been developed to help bring to life bicycle related safety messages, education and awareness.


Collateral available includes:

Bumper stickers

Pocket Guides (Z Cards)

Static Images

Digital banners

Pop up banners

Click on the Resources Tab for a full list of resources available.


For access to the great "it's a two-way street" videos in either a 30 second cinema version and full 2 minute complete animation click here and on the images below:



        FULL TWO MINUTE ANIMATION FEATURE                                                  30 SECOND CINEMA VERSION




Award winning Cycle Safe Communities has been made possible and is supported by major organisations such as Toll Group, Transport of NSW, Europcar, Subaru,, NRMA Motoring & Services and Bicycle NSW.



Cycle Safe Communities resources and merchandise help embed a consistent message into the Australian community. Millions of Australians are aware of our safety campaigns and it is through Cycle Safe Communities that our mission of safe cycling and vision of zero bike related fatalities can be realised.


Help us spread these messages?  


Click on Register your campaign or event  to register your details and help build a localised safety campaign using authorised design artwork files.


Click on merchandise to purchase a range of items that feature the distinctive 'a metre matters' campaign.



Cycle Safe Communities reinforces the significant effort needed to realise safer cycling the behavioural change within our society towards.




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