The Cycle Safe Communities resource artwork range has been developed to assist registered users promote a consistent and recognised safety messages across the ‘a metre matters’ and ‘It’s a two-way street’ safety campaigns.

The AGF has recognised that campaign resource development is expensive and time consuming. The resource artwork range has been professionally designed to provide registered users with design files, templates and style guides that can be used to produce high quality collateral for your bicycle rider safety campaign.


By registering your bicycle safety campaign on-line you (upon approval) can will have access to ready to use design files that include:


a metre matters logos (car, bus, truck designs)

Amy Gillett Foundation logos

roadside billboard signage

tram/bus shelter signage

bus and car livery

pull up banners

digital banners


poster images

document repository


Registered users can tailor this range (subject to approval by AGF) to incorporate their own logo or that of their sponsors in the design of materials aligned to specific safety campaigns.


The AGF can support your campaign via their communications resources. Guidance about how your campaign can be brought to life can be viewed via this marketing initiatives link.


Community involvement in local road safety programs can make a substantial contribution to making our roads safer. Click on the Resources tab to see some terrific initiatives.


The Cycle Safe Communities program is a Victorian funded initiative supported by VicRoads and TAC. Both organisations offer programs and funding grants that aim to increase the participation of local communities in addressing local road safety issues.


Click the links below to find out more about these programs and how they can assist your Council or community group bring to life a cycle safety campaign.


VicRoads Victoria Community RoadSafety Partnership Program

TAC safety grants and partnerships program


Billboard Car Livery





Bus Livery Bus/Tram Shell signage




Pull Up Banners



Pocket Guide



















Follow these three simple steps to register:


1. Register online


2. AGF review and approve


3. Artwork provided


 CSC Register now button



Access to the ready to use range of resource collateral is at no charge, however compliance with the Terms and Conditions is required.


We invite registered users who have utilised our resource material to make a tax-deductible donation to the Amy Gillett Foundation as a recognition of your support for our efforts; the opportunity to incorporate our campaigns into your program and to assist us maintain Cycle Safe Communities and improving our programs and initiatives.




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